About Canuck Model Products
A family business created to provide the very best in Canadian content for hobby enthusiast.

The decal sets and accessory parts are what I hope will be a long line. I specialize in Canadian content so you will see mostly RCAF, RCN, and CAF products in the 3 core scales. That said, you will also eventually see RAF, RAAF, and RNZAF, and other content from Commonwealth Nations.

Canuck Model Products also offers complete screen printing solutions to the hobby industry. If you have artwork that needs high quality printing, please contact Canuck.

There are new decal sets and accessories in development and being added for sale all the time, so please check back often.

Pre-Order Items
Often Canuck Models will begin to accept orders on a product shortly before it is expected to be available in stock. This allows you to get in the front of the line and have your item shipped out as soon  as it is available.

Canuck Guarantee
Canuck Models will support our products for 30 days after shipping and handled on a case by case basis. Canuck will replace decals with glaring registration or misprint issues if the product is still available (not sold out). If that product is no longer available Canuck will refund the purchase amount for that item. The original decal set must be returned unused. Due to the nature of the screen print process minor print issues (such as misprinted letters on miniscule stencil data markings) should not be expected to be covered.

Due to the extremely limited number of kits available, it may not be possible to provide replacement parts. In the event a kit has manufacturing issues, Canuck will need to obtain a replacement from the manufacture. Canuck will need to be sent images of the issue so that we can pass them along to the manufacture.

All orders require an additional shipping fee which is shown on the purchase order. The actual shipping fee is determined at check out and is based on your region; Canadian domestic shipping, shipping to the US, and shipping outside of North America. You must enter your shipping address in order for the system to know what fee to charge.

Canuck doesn't charge for the time taken to fill in custom forms or the time to package up your items. Canuck charges only what it costs for shipping. Other shipping services (FedEx, UPS, etc...) are considerably more expensive.

Sales Tax
Canadian customers will, unfortunately, be charged sales tax. Sorry about that. Sales tax is calculated on a province by province bases dependent on your shipping address. At this point the system knows where you are and applies the tax accordingly.

The Fine Print

The Canuck Model Products name, oval word mark, roundel, and swimming beaver logo are copyright © 2014 David A. Winter.

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