AVRO CF-105 Arrow - AB+3 Markings
This set provides markings and stencils for one of 5 Avro CF-105 Arrow Mk1's. It includes correctly sided Canadian Red Ensign flags and the additional walkway markings found on RL-203. It also includes decals to simulate the engine vents and openings found on the rear of the aircraft that are not molded into the kit parts.

The sheet was created using references from a multitude of sources including "The Avro Arrow" - Boston Mills Press. It can be used on any 1:72 scale Arrow kit however the 'New Tooling' Hobbycraft Canada kit (1393) is recommended as it has the more accurate overall size and shape. The 1:48 scale set can be used with either of the Hobbycraft kits.

A full and detailed review of the newly released 1:72 scale kit can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/q6r2emh

1:72 scale set contains 1 sheet (Colours do not display properly on a computer)