CF-188 Hornet - '100 Years Navy' Scheme
In 2010, Hornet 188738 was repainted to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Canada's Navy. Decorated with traditional RCN style roundels and bold tail murals, this aircraft was to be a sure crowd pleaser at that year. Sadly this aircraft was lost prior to the start of the summer air show season, the pilot ejecting safely while just a very short distance above the ground.

This decal set features a primary sheet with professionally screen printed decals, and a secondary sheet, with tail murals of HMCS Winnipeg and HMCS Bonaventure, CMYK printed on pre-coated white decal paper with a screen printed clear coat.

The screen printed decals in this set have a very thin clear coat and will settle down into the surface detail with a gentle touch from a Q-tip. If you wish to use a setting solution, a mild one such as Testors Decal Set is sufficient and recommended. Stronger solutions may effect the graphic. Always ensure decals are applied on top of a fully cured, high gloss finish. Apply a small amount of water to the location on the model where the graphic is to be applied. Slide the graphic from the backing paper on to the model rather than lifting the graphic off the paper with tweezers. Then use a soft brush to help position the decal once on the model. Allow the decal to dry over night before handling the model. Take your time.

The CMYK printed tail art are thicker decals and require a stronger setting solution to snuggle down into details.

Proudly Printed in Canada by Canuck Model Products.

Source artwork for this, and other schemes, reproduced with permission of the DND/CAF.

Photos of finished 1:48 scale model with production decals.

1:48 scale decal sheet shown.
Decal Sheet