This set of Symmetrical Era CF-18 Markings is the most comprehensive available and provides markings and stencils for Canadian Armed Forces CF-188's (CF-18 'Hornets') as seen in the 1980s and during the first Gulf War. The sheet was created using numerous references including Patrick Martin's excellent references, Larry Milberry's various books, as well as personal photo collections.

Special thank you to Dan McWilliams and Emil Varosi for their great help as well.

These are the highest quality CF-18 decals available.

Package Includes;

  • Complete maintenance and warning stencils.
  • Low and high visibility Canadian flags.
  • 2 variations of 409 Squadron crests.
  • 2 variations of 410 Squadron crests.
  • 2 variations of 416 Squadron crests.
  • 2 variations of 425 Squadron crests.
  • 2 variations of 433 Squadron crests.
  • 3 variations of 439 Squadron crests.
  • 421 Squadron crests.
  • Gulf War Arabic LEX markings.
  • 414 Squadron crest.
  • AETE tail markings.
  • William Tell '86 weapons meet markings.
  • Slim lights.
  • False canopy.
  • 2 page booklet

Decals as applied to the 1:48 scale Hasegawa F-18A kit.

1:32 marking sheets. All scales have similar content.

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