The definitive set of markings and stencils for Canadian Armed Forces CF-188's (CF-18 'Hornets') in the current FIP (Federal Identity Program) markings scheme. Professionally silk screened The sheet was created using numerous references including Patrick Martin's excellent books, Larry Milberry's various books, personal photo collections, as well as numerous contributions by others.

These are the highest quality CF-18 decals available.

Package Includes;

  • Complete maintenance and warning stencils, including fuel tank, landing gear, and ejection seats
  • Early and current style DND signatures
  • Balkan Rats crests and mission marks
  • OP MOBILE (Libya) crests and mission marks
  • "Bear Intercept" mission marks
  • 2 variations of 425 Squadron crests
  • 2 variations of 433 Squadron crests
  • Crests for 409, 410, 414, 416, 421, and 439 Squadrons, including LEX markings
  • Early style AETE tail markings
  • Current style AETE tail markings
  • 3 variations of nose numbers
  • False Canopy decals
  • Full alphabet of letters allowing you to create your own pilot names (1:32 scale only)
  • 2 page instruction booklet

Special thank you for the enormous amount of reference material and feedback provided by;

  • Richard Girouard.
  • Dan McWilliams.
  • Gary Fairful.
  • Emil Varosi.
  • Sean Martin.
  • Uncle Rick Chin for Balkan Rats crest and other reference photos.
  • Derek Hayes of Hazers Flightline ( for providing permission to use his reference photos for OP MOBILE markings as well as others.

Decals as applied to the 1:48 scale Hasegawa F-18D kit (with F-18A tail)


1:32 scale package includes 3 and a half decal sheets + additional AETE markings sheet and 3 page booklet.

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